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ESG’s Economic Value Calculator for X-IO Storage

This calculator is built on extensive primary research conducted by the analyst firm ESG to demonstrate the cost-benefit excellence of X-IO storage solutions compared to traditional storage systems.

To find out the estimated financial impact of utilizing ISE- or iglu-based storage to support your organization’s, we first just need to know a bit about your use case.

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Step 1 Which X-IO Product would you like the model to consider?

ISE or Intelligent Storage Elements are storage building blocks for Software Defined Datacenters. iglu is a full-featured SAN storage solution, offering native snapshots, replication, and virtual machine migration.

Step 2 Which ALTERNATIVE storage scenario should be compared to X-IO?

An end-of-life refresh assumes the alternative storage hardware and software needs to be procured. Comparing X-IO to the operation of in-place infrastructure assumes that the alternative has already been purchased. Those hardware and software costs are not included in the alternative's TCO as those costs are sunk.

Step 3 Please select up to four workloads that would be supported by X-IO infrastructure:

Thank you for your workload profile information. We just need a bit of information about each workload to generate your customized results.

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Step 4 Please provide some workload specifics:
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Based on your workload(s) and inputs, an X-IO storage solution is expected to your storage TCO by over five years in net-new benefits not achievable with traditional storage infrastructure. The result is an expected ROI of % and a payback period of months!

Learn more about the research and assumptions behind the numbers by downloading ESG’s report below!

  • Workloads supported
  • Additional inputs
  • Financial results
Comparative Five-Year TCO, X-IO Storage vs. Traditional Storage
Cost Component IBM Traditional
M & S
  • X-IO
  • Traditional
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Professional Services
  • Maintenance / Support
  • Software
  • Hardware
Five-Year Incremental Benefit, X-IO Technologies
Benefit Category IBM
User Productivity Improvements
IT Efficiency Improvements
Customer Improvements
  • Customer Improvements
  • IT Efficiency Improvements
  • User Improvements